Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review: The Ravines "Manifesto of a Broken Heart"

Chris Corney is the UK's answer to Cliff Hillis. Corney is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the outstanding rock and power pop band known as The Ravines, whose 2005 CD "Manifesto of a Broken Heart" is knocking my socks off. While released 4 years ago, it is nice to see these guys and their instant classic enjoying a well-deserved resurgence on the power pop circuit. It almost makes me feel like there is justice in the music world after all...

Despite it coming from the UK, "Manifesto of a Broken Heart" actually reminds me of some of the finest power pop rockers from Philly, such as John Faye/IKE, Open Cage, Idle Wilds, and the aforementioned Cliff Hillis. Others have accurately compared The Ravines to Greenberry Woods, The Rembrandts, and Gin Blossoms. Corney's voice pleasantly drifts over the melodic guitars, augmented with tons of spot on harmonies and backing vocals. There isn't a chorus on this record that hasn't imprinted on my brain almost immediately. The lyrics are also a highlight, with frequent bite and wit along the lines of what you'd find on a Wonder Stuff record.

Hard to pick favorites among a batch of songs that is so consistently awesome, but I'll encourage you to listen to "Supersize", "Rubberneck", "Queen of England", and the title track. In short, GET THIS - GET THIS - GET THIS. And if you like it, be sure to check out Chris Corney's solo effort, "Built to Be Burned Down".

iPOD-worthy: ALL TRACKS!

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