Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review: L'Avventura "Your Star Was Shining" FREE MP3

"Your Star Was Shining" is the lastest release from the hot new San Francisco power pop band L'Avventura. Act quickly - you can download it for free until April 30, 2009 at their offical web site (link below).

L'Avventura is a hip blend of retro and modern pop. As evidence to this, they list their influences as "Buddy Holly meets The Flaming Lips". They remind me a lot of Fastball and Fountains of Wayne, with a dash of acoustic-driven indie pop the likes of Elliott Smith. My favorite tunes are stacked right up front and include "Swandive", "Pretend You Don't See Me", and "Rocket Sue".

Superb production, memorable melodies, and plenty of well-placed harmonies. What more could you want? And did I mention it is free right now?

iPOD-worthy: 1, 2, 3, 7, 10

L'Avventura on MySpace. Official site.

Here's a direct link to one of my favorites, the T. Rex-like track, "Swandive", for you to download and enjoy. There is plenty more where that came from - just hit their web site soon!

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