Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rare CD: My Chemical Romance "Like Phantoms Forever"

"One of the single-rarest My Chemical Romance items of all time. This is the much rumored-to-exist "Like Phantoms Forever", an EP that was made to promote the band in the late summer/fall of 2002 when they were playing their first out of New Jersey shows.

...there are only 100 of these in existence (this is hand-numbered in red ink, number 74),"

1) vampires will never hurt you
2) this is the best day ever
3) jack the ripper (a live Morrissey cover)

12-18-07: Sells for $521.27 on ebay (31 bids)

Rare CD: U2 "Special Collection 1980-1987"

The weather outside is frightful...

U2 "Special Collection 1980-1987" JAPAN Promo CD RARE!!
VERY rare U2-Special Collection 1980-1987 Japanese In Store Promo Sampler CD INDUSTRY EDITION - NOT SOLD IN STORES!

Track Listing: 1)Out of Control 2) I Will Follow 3) Gloria 4) October 5) New Year's Day 6) Two Hearts Beat as One 7) 11 O'Clock Tick Tock 8) Sunday Bloody Sunday 9) Pride (In the Name of Love) 10) The Unforgettable Fire 11) With or Without You 12) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 13) Where the Streets Have No Name 14) Red Hill Mining Town

12-23-07 sells for $2651 on ebay (20 bids).
12-24-07 sells for $3000 on ebay (buy it now option exercised).

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Review: Loverboy "Just Getting Started"

Never in a million years would I have predicted to be so crazy about a record by Loverboy. I almost laughed at the thought of them trying to stage a comeback in this day and age, but I am beside myself with how great this CD is...seriously, this one ranks as one of the best CDs of 2007. It is a AOR dream come true in every sense. I'm - ahem - lovin' every minute of it.

The boys have retooled themselves, but just like the Scorpions earlier this year, Loverboy have wildly succeeded in doing the impossible...reinventing themselves to sound like a modern rock outfit while retaining the qualities their long time fans love them for. The production on this record is top notch and completely modern sounding. Mike Reno still sounds incredible after all these years, and even sounds younger and more vibrant here than ever before.

But for me, as always, it comes down to the songs. I own no other Loverboy CD - not even one of their many recycled greatest hits collections - but this one is loaded with tracks that would be killer singles at radio in a more sensible music market. In a sense, this CD could be a greatest hits collection. Every track on this largely upbeat record has a great hook and anthem chorus.

There is not a single bad track in the bunch, but standouts for me include the title track, "Fade To Black," the hilarious "One of them Days," and peppy "Lost Without You." I also like the closing track "Stranded," which features Phil Colin from Def Leppard on backing vocals.

I can't recommend this one enough...cast your prejudice aside and enjoy the ride. Congrats to Mike Reno and the boys.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Review: The Summer Obsession "This Is Where You Belong"

I really wasn't expecting much from this CD, but wow! what a pleasant surprise. This lot of perky pop punk tracks is full of enough hooks and crunch to keep any melodic rocker happy. The band hails from Florida and released this debut CD in August 2006. The drummer (Chris Wilson) used to be in Good Charlotte, and you can definitely hear some resemblances between them and Summer Obsession. Other comparisons that come to mind include The Click Five and Simple Plan. I am finding that I dig a lot these "neo" alt rock outfits - their music won't change the world, but it does make you feel good and get your toes tapping.

I've read that a founding guitarist left the band, but they were working on a new record. I hope his departure does not manifest itself as a sophomore jinx. Time will tell, but I will certainly check out their next effort.

The Summer Obsession on MySpace. Official site.

Check out video for "Death Said" (which got to 96 on the Billboard chart):

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rare CD: KBCO Studio C Retrospective

If you see a CD out there with KBCO on it, grab it. It is typically a one of a kind limited edition or tracks you'll not find anywhere else. People will pay handsomely for these rarities...

"This is a very collectible CD from the radio station that issues top notch limited edition live compilation CDs each year"

This "Retrospective" CD sold recently for $162.52 on ebay (4 bids)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Rare CD: Radiohead "Drill" EP - 4 Track CD

Another rare one from Radiohead that fans must be crazy about, released in 1992 by Parlophone (6312). This is actually the first Radiohead release ever.

3. YOU

12-14-07: One sells for $325 on ebay (21 bids)

Rare CD: Dave Matthews Band "Recently"


"Here is the rare, circa 1994 DMB promotional CD, called 'Recently'.
INDUSTRY EDITION - NOT SOLD IN STORES! Features 4 tracks, all great Radio Edits, only available on this disc!Limited U.S. edition, issued by Bama Rags Records (BAMA 002)."

12-14-07: One sells for $385 on ebay (23 bids)

Rare CD: "Colin Meloy Sings Morrissey"

"This cd was sold on [Colin Meloy's] solo acoustic tour some years back. I got this cd signed in person by Colin at Headliners in Louisville at a Decemberists show. This cd is very rare...only 1000 of these cds made. These tracks were recorded at Colin's home and the artwork was done by Carson Ellis."

12-14-07: Bidding got up to $114.50 on ebay (16 bids), but reserve was not met.
12-19-07: Above CD sells for $96.01 on ebay (7 bids).
1-15-08: One sells for $107.51 on ebay (5 bids).
1-22-08: One sells for $100.99 on ebay (3 bids).

Rare CD/DVD: Tool "Salival" - ERROR

There is one sure fire way to make the price of a product increase: made a few typos. That is what happened with this combo CD/DVD from Tool. Check it out:

"This item is THE SUPER RARE 1ST PRINTING [Decembern 12, 2000] with the typos and printing errors in the booklet...

The first pressings of Salival contain typographical errors. Later editions do not have these typos.

1) Aloke Dutta and Paul D'Amour's names are misspelled as Aloke Dutto and Paul D'Mour.
2) "Pushit" and "Stinkfist" are listed as two words.
3) "Message to Harry Manback II" is spelled "Messege to Harry Manback II."
4) The playing order of the videos are in reverse order.
5) The track ordering of "Merkaba" and "You Lied" is incorrect.
6) Also...The front of the booklet included with the package has a small glossy square on its front.

Again this is an EXTREMELY rare item that any true collector must have."

12-12-07: One sold for $115.00 on ebay (10 bids)
12-13-07: Another sold for $120.00 on ebay (22 bids)

Rare CD: Brent Spiner "Ol' Yellow Eyes is Back"

Yes, that is Data! He is functioning within normal parameters, moonlighting as a lounge singer. Brent Spiner actually has a very pleasant singing voice, which was showcased in various episodes of Star Trek - The Next Generation (so I'm told!). Brent does his best Sinatra on this CD, which was released in 1991 by Bay Cities. The CD is rare and out of print, and is probably craved by Trekkers and others who like this genre. A bonus for the Trekkers: some tracks include other cast members from TNG.

12-11-07: One sells for $56.23 on ebay (15 bids)

12-14-07: One sells for $51.12 on ebay (2 bids)

1-27-08: One sells for $46.00 on ebay (8 bids)

2-4-08: One sells for $53.00 on ebay (7 bids)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rare CD: Christmas With The California Raisins

These are some expensive raisins. I'm sure most of you remember this fad from the late 80s...stupid animated raisin commercials. I never knew they milked this for a Christmas CD. If you actually own one, and aren't too embarrassed, you could sell it ebay now for a handsome profit. Christmas With The California Raisins was released in 1988 on Priority Records.

Check if anyone is selling a copy on

12-12-07: One sells on ebay for $67.00 (45 (!) bids).
1-27-08: California Raisins "Sing the Hit Songs" sells for $24.50 on ebay (11 bids)

Rare CD: HIM "Live and Undercover"

HIM, the gothic rock guy, has several rare CDs out there. Here is one that "features" cover tunes from the Backstreet Boys and Depeche Mode (these are selling points?!)

Anyway, the CD recently went for $102.50 on ebay (46 bids).

Rare CD: Soundtrack "Romancing the Stone"

"This is the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the 1984 film 'Romancing the Stone' starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. The CD is from the Varese Sarabande CD Club (VCL 0702 1012) and was limited to only 3000 copies. This one is factory sealed and has long been sold out."

On, it is currently running $150 for a used copy. Check now.

12-11-07: One sells on ebay for $102.50 (13 bids)!

Rare CD: Dave Matthews Band "Jimi Thing"

"4-track promo only CD single #RDJ 64258-2
Like all early DMB CDs this one is getting very hard to find!
The condition is near perfect inside and out (1 miniscule mark on disc)"

The tracks are:
1) Jimi Thing (edit version) 4:53
2) All Along The Watchtower 7:04
3) Christmas Song 5:33
4) Jimi Thing (album version) 5:57

12-11-07 - one sold for $96 on ebay (10 bids). That's almost $25 a track!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rare CD: Radiohead "Com Lag" [Special Ed]

" of the most rare Radiohead CD's ever released by EMI records. This is a special edition version of 'Com Lag' that includes SIX bonus tracks [16 total]. The cover and artwork is different that the original 'Com Lag'.

Released in 2004 by EMI records in VERY limited qty. UPC code is 0724357676823. Made in EU."

12-5-07: Sold on ebay for $560.33 (19 bids)!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Rare CD: Commodores "Caught in the Act"

This Commodores album, "Caught In The Act" was originally released on Motown in 1975. The CD reissue is out of print and very rare (MOTD-5240).

12-5-07: Sells on ebay for $113.49 (2 bids).

Rare CD: Counting Crows "By the Time We Got to Woodstock"

"This album was independently released by PotatoDog records in 1999, and features live performances of their songs on tour stops in July 1999 leading up to their performance at Woodstock '99. This CD was available only via an online sale, and sold out quickly. I believe only 1000 copies were manufactured, making this one of the rarest Counting Crows CDs out there."

12-3-07: One of these CDs sold for $178.49 on ebay (23 bids)

Rare CD: The Family "The Family"

This group called "The Family" from the 80s were the original to record the Prince song "Nothing Compares 2 U" before Sinead O'Connor hit it out the park.

"Catalogue number: WPCP-3646
Tracks: 1 High Fashion 2 Mutiny 3 Screams of Passion 4 Yes 5 River Run Dry 6 Nothing Compares 2 U 7 Susannah's Pajamas 8 Desire"

It is very rare, in fact this one that sold on ebay for $152.00 is a Japanese import.

Rare CD: "Predator" Soundtrack

Surprisingly, there a many soundtracks on CD that people will pay an arm and leg pun intended for the one above. "It's not a tumor!"

Sold for $177 on ebay (21 bids). If I paid that much for a single CD, I'd probably be terminated.

UPDATE (1-31-08): One sells for $187.50 on ebay (38 bids)

4-21-08: One sells for $255.00 on ebay (12 bids)

Rare CD: Eddie Money "Where's the Party" and "Playing For Keeps"

There are two Eddie Money CDs that have been long out of print and fetch a decent price on ebay. "Playing For Keeps" can get you $30 if you're lucky, and "Where's the Party" can usually get you even more.

A copy of this one recently sold for $46.00 on ebay (13 bids).

2-18-08: One sells for $79.45 on ebay (27 bids).

3-3-08: One sells for $50.99 on ebay (15 bids).

Used on now for $59. Check now.

12-20-07: "Playing for Keeps" sells for $29.66 on ebay (23 bids).

1-27-08: "Playing for Keeps" sells for $29.00 on ebay (9bids).

Used on now for $44.96. Check now.

UPDATE: 4-13-08
"Playing for Keeps" sells for $51.89 on ebay (15 bids)

"Eddie Money CD "Playing for Keeps" Bryan Adams, Journey

Rare CD: VALENTINE "Valentine"

9 24404-2 Giant/Reprise Records USA, 1990
"An essential masterpiece of AOR from legendary singer Hugo's first major band! Keys all over the place, excellent song writing and guitars, sing-along choruses and of course Hugo's amazing vocals! He's well known for sounding exactly like Steve Perry of Journey to many! Out of print for years now and harder to find every day!"

12-01-07: This one sold for $60.00 on ebay (16 bids)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Free mp3: Dave Stephens

"In an effort to spread the word about his music, Dave is offering these free downloads of his two albums. After downloading, please tell a friend and direct them to this page so that they too can enjoy these albums. Physical copies of these albums can be purchased from The Dave Stephens Online Store at:
For more information about Dave, please visit his official website at
Link: click here.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rare CD: Tongue Lash "Tongue Lash"

"This Mega-rarity was released in 1995 on Thunderpeel Records. This Boston-based band's CD was put out in very limited quantities. Excellent AOR/Melodic Hard Rock that should be in every elite collector's hands."

Sold on ebay for $511.01 (12 bids).

UPDATE (12-10-07): something fishy here...another one sells for only $36.77 on ebay (3 bids). What's up with that?
UPDATE (12-14-07): One sells for $42.99 on ebay (1 bid).
Note both of the above are from the same seller.
UPDATE (2-1-08): One sells for $153.00 on ebay (12 bids).

Rare CD: Brandi Carlile Band "We're Growing Up"

This is quite possibly one of the the most insane rare CD purchases I've seen in my history of following this stuff. "This CD was released locally (2003) in the Seattle area only, about a year before her major label debut was released." [Columbia Records signed Carlile in late 2004].

For those who don't know, ask a girl about Brandi...her songs have been frequently played on Grey's Anatomy.

Brandi Carlile Band CD goes for $710 on ebay (49 bids).

UPDATE: (1-3-08) One sells for $365.90 on ebay (32 bids).

The same CD also is available with an alternative cover:

The alternate cover version recently sold for $51.05 on ebay (15 bids) (12-21-07)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rare CD: Neil Young "Chrome Dreams"

I am not sure what the deal is on this one. Evidently an unreleased CD that is released!

According to the ebay listing: "Super rare unreleased album from 1977. Released in the 90's on the Remasters label" OK.

Whatever the story behind this is, it had 16 bids and went for $137.50 on ebay.

Rare CD: Tori Amos "Past the Mission"

There are evidently a lot of Tori Amos fans out there ready to shell out big bucks for some of her rare promo material. This CD is one of them. "Past the Mission" features the title track and several live tracks:

1 - Past The Mission
2 - Winter [Live at Manchester Free Trade Hall 3.1.94]
3 - The Waitress [Live in Boston, The Sanders Theatre 3.31.94]
4 - Icicle [Live in LA, Wadsworth Theatre 3.22.94]
5 - Past The Mission [Live in Chicago, Vic Theatre 3.24.94]
6 - PSA
7 - PSA

One of these recently went for $122.50 on ebay. That comes to about $17 a track.

Rare CD: Sadistic Intent "Resurrection"

This EP CD released in 1994 (Dark Realm Records) will fetch a healthy price on ebay. A recent auction sold this Sadistic Intent CD for $102.50. According to one review, the release is one of the "darkest releases in death metal."

UPDATE (12/16/07): Another sells for only $22.59 on ebay (8 bids) by the same seller.
UPDATE (1/20/08): Another sells for $81.00 on ebay (15 bids).
UPDATE (1/28/08): Another sells for $61.00 on ebay (12 bids).