Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rare CD: .38 Special "Special Delivery"


This one sold for $41.00 on ebay (12 bids)

They're going for over $65 on right now. Check.

Rare CD: Megan Mullally "Sweetheart Break-In"

"Megan Mullally & The Supreme Music Program, THE SWEETHEART BREAK-IN, Supreme Music Program MMKB-1901, 1999. .......... ULTRA-RARE, IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND debut CD--AUTOGRAPHED!--by Will & Grace's Megan Mullally, recorded with her band in 1999 and LONG out of print. This is one of the RAREST of all contemporary pop music vocal CDs and the Holy Grail for fans of this brilliant comedienne and musical comedy star. The sleeve, incidentally, is a 9-panel fold-out mini-poster with attractive, cutting-edge graphics. .......... 16 songs--an ecletic mix of the classic and contemporary: Ten Cents a Dance, Antonio Carlos Jobim's How Insensitive, John Prine's Far from Me, In the Gloaming, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Scarlet Ribbons, 2 songs each by Stephen Sondheim (I Remember; Johanna), Kurt Weill (It Never Was You; Surabaya Johnny), Randy Newman (Marie; Guilty) and Tom Waits (Ruby's Arms; Johnsburg, Illinois), plus two instrumentals (Sigmund Romberg's Sweetheart and Roger Miller's King of the Road)"

This one sold for $400.00 on ebay (10 bids). Check Amazon.

Rare CD: Jillson "Deadly Girl"

"JILLSON - Deadly Game (released 1990 in USA on RMS Discos Records) One of the most after sought indie cd ever and to find on many collectors wantlist. Featuring Britny Fox Vocalist. One of the rarest and high bidded glam/melodic CDs ever."

It says "Deadly Girl" on the cover..."Game" must be a typo from the seller.

1-29-08: One sold for $327.77 on ebay (21 bids).

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rare CD: Evanescence "Bring Me To Life" US DJ CD Single

We don't usually cover singles and promo items on the forums, but this one's price tag just could not let it be ignored. I've no idea why such an item commands such a price...I just report 'em! 2003 Wind-Up Label WUJC 20035-2R

This CD single promo sold for $610 on ebay (1-20-08) (27 bids).

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rare CD: Dennis Wilson "Pacific Ocean Blue"

"Out of print mega-rare Japanese CD of Dennis Wilson "Pacific Ocean Blue" . CD, OBI, and inserts are in flawless condition !!" Classic solo 1977 album by the Beach Boy drummer...

This one sold for $102.51 on ebay (13 bids).

UPDATE:(1-29-08): Another sells for $96.00 on ebay (17 bids)
This CD was released in 1991 by Epic/Sony Music
UPDATE (1-30-08): Another sells for $100.99 on ebay (21 bids) - Austria import
UPDATE (2-2-08): Another sells for $51.05 on ebay (11 bids); and another at $76.00 (18 bids) - these two appear to be domestic version, released in 1990 on Sony 468351 2.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rare CD: The Stuff "The Stuff"

This indie release (circa 1993) is extremely rare and will fetch hundreds of bucks. What is "The Stuff?" Hair band, baby, hair band.

"This is an original copy of the ultra hyper rare and obscure 1993 hair rock indie release from THE STUFF. Going on a cd hunt and finding this type of killer release is what dreams are made of. With little doubt this has to be one of the very best finds I have ever come across in my 5 plus years of selling on Ebay. The sound, the look and the attitude of this gem is what brings fans of the genre to their knees. Fans of Firehouse, Danger Danger, Tyketto, Dokken, Jailhouse and Blind Date and every other catchy Hair Rock band that have a melodic AOR touch will love this indie."

1-18-08: Used copy of this CD sold for $1,125.01 on ebay (33 bids)!

UPDATE (1-23-08): Seems several more of these have now popped up! Today one sold for best offer of $250.00 on ebay. And another on same day sold for $265.00 (8 bids). Why the big drop in price? Might have something to do with the singer from The Stuff proposing to re-issue the CD (see comments).

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bill's Internet Radio: Kickin' Cover Tunes

Trying something new today...introducing my own Internet Radio show! Actually, this is just a playlist of tunes I pick for you to stream and enjoy courtesy of Anywhere.FM. I am still experimenting with the web site and format, so thought I'd pick an easy theme and we'll go from there. I am shooting for a weekly update, and will try to post reminders and links here on the Forum.

Todays playlist: Kickin' Cover Tunes.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Rare CD: God's Gift "Larger Than Life"

I've never heard of these guys, so here is the description of God's Gift from the ebay seller:

"Mega rare 80's style Indie AOR / Melodic Rock!!
This rare 14 track CD was released in 1997 on a US indie label. A super catchy, melodic AOR/hard rock rarity!!! Very cool guitars and wonderful keys abound all over this release!!! Heavily influenced by the likes of TYKETTO and early SURVIVOR. These guys are totally stuck in the 80's, which is a good thing!"

1-12-08: One used CD sells for $43.34 on ebay (17 bids).

Rare CD: Re-flex "The Politics of Dancing"

For the handful of folks out there who love obscure 80s new wave dance fluff, here you have "Re-flex." But you'll have to be prepared to pay a handsome price for this dance down memory lane.

1-17-08: A used copy of this CD sells for $162.49 on ebay (2 bids). Too bad the buyer did not check, who has sellers offering it for as low as $60. Check now.

2-9-08: One sells for $102.50 on ebay (15 bids).
2-21-08: One sells for $102.50 on ebay again (23 bids)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rare CD: Pure Prairie League "If The Shoe Fits"

This one by the Pure Prairie League (of "Amie" fame) is a gem to find, originally released in 1976.

1-11-08. CD sells for $62.60 on ebay (5 bids).

Selling for $97.99 on Check now.

Rare CD: Taco "After Eight"

Oh yeah...great idea. Let's name our band Taco! Better yet, let's release a goofy single called "Puttin' on the Ritz" that will drive everyone absolutely nuts. Maybe we can get double endorsements from Taco Bell and Nabisco!

No joke...1-11-08: CD sells for $59.09 on ebay (48 ! bids).

On, used Taco CD is going for 124.87. Check now.

UPDATE (3-2-08): Another sells for $61.00 on ebay (18 bids).

UPDATE (5-7-08): Another sells for $81.00 on ebay (17 bids).

Rare CD: Deborah Allen "Let Me Be the First"

Continuing today's inadvertent trend of rare CDs from 80s are we with country pop star Deborah Allen, whose 1984 CD "Let Me Be the First" is very hard to find. Check it out...

1-11-08: One sells for $75.99 on ebay (69 ! bids).

And that is a bargain. It's going for $200 on Check now.

Rare CD: Motels "Shock"

The Motels was a new wave 80s band, a virutal one-hit wonder with "Only The Lonely." Most of their CDs are out of print and hard to find; some get you a good price on the auction circuit. One example is "Shock," which reached # 36 on BillBoard's album chart in 1985.

1-11-08: CD sells for $81.00 on ebay (26 bids).

Currently going for $119.95 on Check now.
UPDATE (1-15-08): one sells for $68.87 on ebay (6 bids).
UPDATE (2-10-08): one sells for $49.99 on ebay (9 bids).

Rare CD: Justin Hayward "Moving Mountains"

Who what? C'mon! Justin Hayward is The Moody Blues! "Moving Mountains" (Towerbell Records) was a solo effort put out in 1985 that is rare and hard to find.

1-11-08: One sells for $103.50 on ebay (15 bids). Sucker...going for $97 on Amazon. Check now.
UPDATE (1-15-08): one sells for $100.00 on ebay (buy it now feature).
UPDATE (1-29-08): one sells for $90.99 on ebay (18 bids)

Rare CD: Eric Martin "I'm Only Fooling Myself"

Most of you no doubt know Mr. Eric Martin as the voice behind Mr. Big, who hit it big just before grunge killed AOR with their # 1 acoustic based ditty, "To Be With You." This 1985 release (Emi-Capitol (5148-2) 1987 / 2000) pre-dates the existence of Mr. Big, and like a lot of other early Eric Martin, is quite rare and goes for decent prices on ebay. Currently selling used on for $65.00 - check now.

1-5-08: This CD sold for $68.00 on ebay (18 bids).

UPDATE (2-4-08): One sells for only $26.00 on ebay (13 bids) - either this is a different version or someone got very lucky!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

News: Midnight Oil's leader finding challenges in politics

"Story Highlights:
Peter Garrett, tall, baldheaded Midnight Oil singer, is government minister
Garrett has had some challenges adjusting rhetoric now that he's in power
Midnight Oil best known for hits "Beds Are Burning," "Blue Sky Mine""