Friday, March 20, 2009

Review: Kyle Vincent "Where You Are"

The latest from AOR veteran Kyle Vincent has arrived. "Where You Are" finds the seasoned and grossly underrated singer/songwriter in top vocal form, exploring an array of retro pop subgenres from the 70s. Generally the tunes on this CD are piano-driven, upbeat and peppy with a bubblegum vibe, but firmly rooted in adult contemporary pop. The more rocking version of Kyle Vincent was left behind on this release, overshadowed by his gentler side.

Vincent has done a remarkable job emulating the feel good melodies and harmonies that made The Partridge Family and Bay City Rollers so irresistible to pop music fans. On the slower tunes, I am reminded of David Gates and Eric Carmen. Vincent drifts to falsetto and back with tremendous ease, and pulls out plenty of strings and sax to add some interesting dynamics to the mix. I don't think I've heard the sax in songs since the 80s! The lyrics are somewhat simple and infused with cliches, but are brimming with an optimism and hope that is well-suited to the sunny feel of the music. If you need a little something to cheer you up, listening to Kyle Vincent will do the trick.

Standouts include "It's Gonna Be A Great Day", "In Another Life", "Goin' Down", and the title track. "Where You Are" is exquisitely tailored to fans of 70s AM radio. In a way, it is analogous to what Butch Walker was going for with his "Letters" release (check out "Emily Standing"). But if you also enjoy modern soft pop artists, such as Mitch Malloy, Jude Cole, or Richard Marx, then don't let this one get away.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10

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Kurt's Krap said...

This is a fantastic new album and one that has been getting a lot of play from me. I thought Kyle's last few were a little too soft overall, but this one hits all the right chords and reminds me a lot of his first few.