Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Review: Caitlin Canty "Green"

What is the sound of maple sugar on snow? That is how Vermont-based singer/songwriter Caitlin Canty describes the music on her CD "Green". The nine tracks are all acoustic guitar and voice, and the sparse and delicate arrangements make you feel as if you are right there in an intimate coffeehouse setting with the artist.

The CD is remarkably well produced for an indie effort - crisp and crystal clear. The acoustic guitars and Canty's angelic voice and breezy harmonies share a wonderfully warm tone overall. Canty's vocals will remind folks of some of her influences, such as Lucinda Williams, Mazzy Star, and Allison Krauss. To me, I hear a lot of Leona Naess as well. "Green" is a very cohesive effort that makes for an excellent mood piece, best suited for those quiet and reflective times (well, at least 25 minutes worth!). There is no high speed electrified rocker that kicks in from out of nowhere to disrupt the serenity of the other tracks. The shifts from sunnier to more haunting rhythms provide enough dynamics to the record to prevent the nine tracks from sounding like one long song; just contrast the country folk charm of "Trenches" with the stark and dissonant "Budding" with the bluesy sway of "Juicy Fruit".

Cantry writes vivid, sharp lyrics and plays music that appropriately matches the imagery. One thing I would suggest is more effort dedicated to a hook, line, and sinker to make some of the tunes more instantly memorable. I would also encourage her to take more risks with her voice...I think her songs would benefit immensely with a few sustained notes or greater emotion. Highlights include "Trenches", "Forget", and "Everyday". Fans of coffeehouse singer/songwriters will eat this stuff up. I understand that some new material from Caitlin Canty is coming soon and I look forward to hearing it.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 3, 6, 7, 8

Caitlin Canty on MySpace. Official site.

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Brad Bate said...

Great review of a great album! Her lyrics and voice are equally beautiful, and though the great production on the album makes it a joy to listen, she also puts on a great live show. I'm looking forward to hearing her follow-up album!