Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review: Jimi Jamison “Never Too Late”

Melodic rock/AOR

If anyone needs no introduction in the melodic rock arena, it is Jimi Jamison. In addition to his solo career and early work with Cobra, Jamison helped maintain Survivor in the 80s limelight with huge hits like “Burning Heart”, “High On You”, “The Search Is Over”, and “Is This Love”. Jamison is singing once again with Survivor, but finds his voice in such demand that he’s somehow made the time for several outstanding side projects, such as Kimball Jamison (with Toto’s Bobby Kimball) and One Man’s Trash (with Fred Zahl).

During the Kimball Jamison project, he started working with Swedish songwriter and producer Erik Mårtensson (W.E.T., Eclipse, etc). An AOR pairing that seems like a match made in heaven, Jamison and Mårtensson deliver yet another infectious release full of rockers and ballads on “Never Too Late”.

“Everybody’s Got A Broken Heart” provides an energizing start to “Never Too Late”, sounding very much like a hit that Survivor could have had in the 80s – a wonderfully nostalgic track with a modern flair. “The Great Unknown” is another signature inspirational anthem that Jamison can add to his collection alongside “Burning Heart” and “Reach”. The title track is similar in theme, but has a pleasant mid-tempo pace that will have listeners nodding along to the beat. Fans of “American Heartbeat” (pre-Jamison Survivor) will detect a familiarity in the thumping keyboard intro to “Street Survivor”, but the song soon explodes with a racing rhythm and a rebel’s lyric. On the power ballad side, be sure to check out “The Air I Breathe” and the heartbreaking “Heaven Call Your Name”.

“Never Too Late” is another solid addition to the impressive Jamison discography that will appease old school fans and new fans of the melodic rock genre. His voice still sounds like one of the best in the business, proving once again that no matter who writes the songs, Jamison can make them sound like gold.

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