Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: Research Turtles “Mankiller Part 2 of 2” [EP]

Alternative Rock

The Research Turtles come back out of their shell with the second part of their “Mankiller” EP set (the first is reviewed here). This follow-up was planned for a 2011 release, but the band admitted to some delays due to rising recording costs and reduced income from touring. I am sure fans were waiting with bated breath as “Mankiller Part 1” was so good. In short, Part 2 doesn’t impress as quickly as Part 1, but there are a couple gems not to miss. “Guy Like Me” sets the stage on Part 2, a haunting acoustic complement to the opening “Girl Like You” track from Part 1. “Break It Up” and “Space” are more upbeat and true to form for Research Turtles – solid songs, but not particularly memorable. The saving grace here is the outstanding track called “Into You”. “Into You” is a hugely catchy slice of pop rock – simple but amazingly addictive and a blast to play again and again. Research Turtles definitely hit a home run with “Into You”.

The band is making all of its music available in the form of FREE downloads on the web site below, along with Jud Norman’s new solo album, as of October 18.

Research Turtles – Official site.

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