Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review: Joshua Ketchmark “The Ignited” [EP]


Rounding out a trio of EPs released this year, modern rocker Joshua Ketchmark delivers “The Ignited,” October 30th. Not to slight the other two excellent EPs (reviewed here), but it seems Ketchmark has saved the best for last. These four tunes all have bite and grab at your attention span greedily, exuding a commercial appeal that ranks them as some of the more radio-friendly songs he’s written to date. With help from Davey Julson Rieley (Kill Hannah, Kelly Clarkson, Elvis Costello) as producer and engineer, along with engineer Jeremy Hatcher (The Used, Black Veil Brides), “The Ignited” is a sonic treat.

The perspective of this record comes from a man that’s been hurt and heartbroken. “The Ignited” begins with the rousing track, “About To Break” – an instant anthem sure to get your blood pumping. The break-up song “Fallen” easily glides into Foo Fighters-territory and is likely to become my favorite in the bunch. The markedly darker tone of the gritty “Hurt” provides a good example of the contrasts Ketchmark is skilled with juggling. Be sure to wait for the chilling note he holds 2/3’s of the way through. He concludes with “Without You”, the first single. One of the more ambitious songs in the Ketchmark catalogue, “Without You” attempts to merge moody verses with a more accessible chorus. A decent track, but not the best one here in my opinion.

Be sure to get the song “Without You” for FREE over at his web site right now! Recommended for fans of Foo Fighters, Hinder, and Paramore.

Joshua Ketchmark – Official site.

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