Monday, October 15, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week: Crash Diet

By Stephen Kasenda

CRASH DIET “Generation Wild” (2010)

Crashdiet is surrounded by tragedy in its genre - their original singer committed suicide and the second replacement singer left to form a rival band. Now, Simon Cruz, the third singer, breathes new life into the band by helping them create a superior album, "Generation Wild", which is on par with their sensational debut. With three singers and three albums, I don't think it's an easy job to survive, but Crashdiet has persevered and I must raise a glass of beer to them.

"Generation Wild" is a rare commodity that combines elements that I love very much - the heaviness of early glam, the naughtiness of sleaze rock, and the big punchy anthems of melodic rock. My most fave tracks here are: "Armageddon", filled with sleaze madness and a huge chorus; the title track, which can be a soundtrack to a rebellious gang; the fiery uptempo track of "Rebel"; the gigantic heavy metal piece of "Down With The Dust"; the commercial melodic hard rock tune, "Chemical"; and the Dokken-fueled "Bound To Fall". I can't find any weak links here, as everything is enjoyable, including the mandatory ballads, "Save Her" and "Beautiful Pain".

Simon Cruz has a strong voice. He's truly a gifted singer and the band sealed a very good deal by recruiting him. This magnificent album upped their game again, and for fans of heavy metal, sleaze, and melodic rock, this is your dream album - a tribute to the late Dave Lepard, and a must buy!

Bottomline: Swingin' high to the top again!

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