Monday, October 22, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week: 7th Heaven

By Stephen Kasenda

7th HEAVEN “Pop Media” (2011)

7th Heaven is either too creative or too generous, but it seems every new package they have is always abundant with song numbers. After the record-breaking near 300 songs on their 15-discs boxset, 'Jukebox', and also 18 songs on their previous 'USA/UK' record back in 2008, now they're back again with a full set of 21 songs, convincing us they have no shortage of song ideas.

With no significant change to their formation, 7th Heaven brings us solid melodic hard rock with a modern power pop touch – and still referencing the 80s. As usual with too many songs on a single CD, you'll find it hard to separate which track is which - you'll get mixed up easily, especially since all the tempos and styles are very similar.

If you carefully pick the strongest tracks, I think there are at least 9-10 excellent songs while the rest are spread between fillers and so-so tracks. Among those big numbers are 'Sing' and 'Snapshots In Time At The Speed of Light', a cross of Savage Garden and late-80s Def Leppard; 'Go For A Ride' and 'Dance of A Lifetime' featuring a groovy rhythm and wonderful chorus; 'She Should Have Been An Angel', 'Animals', 'Photographs', 'Should I Stay', and 'Living In A Mystery' are other favorites of mine.

I still consider 'USA/UK' as a better release, but 'Pop Media' won't disappoint the old fans, in fact, 7th Heaven is one of the most consistent bands that keep delivering what their fans really want.

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