Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review: Eclipse “Bleed and Scream”

Melodic hard rock/AOR

Eclipse is a melodic hard rock band from Sweden (Erik Mårtensson - vocals/guitar/bass, Magnus Henriksson - lead guitar, Robban Bäck – drums, and Johan Berlin – keyboards) that raises the bar to new heights with each successive release. “Bleed and Scream” is the follow up record to 2008’s breakthrough, “Are You Ready to Rock”. Mårtensson has become a wunderkind in the business as a prolific songwriter and workhorse of a producer. He’s been involved with successful releases from melodic rock greats including W.E.T, Toby Hitchcock, Giant, and Jimi Jamison to name a few.

The attitude for the new recording is best summarized by guitarist Magnus Henriksson: “Every song has qualities as a single. Erik´s vocals are way better than ever. The guitar-sound is just awesome! The whole production is just in your face. It has something for everyone in it! We worked so hard at making this record that it drove us nearly nuts and made us wanna scream, but now it’s your turn to bleed and scream!”

“Bleed and Scream” is the edgiest, hardest record the band has done yet – people have often compared Eclipse to Journey, but this music has too much testosterone for that! Eclipse has come into their own, now delivering some of the thickest riffs and thunderous percussion around their sing-a-long melodies. “Bleed and Scream” also takes the lyrics up a notch, with the songs touching on worldly affairs alongside anthems of encouragement. The first four tracks may be the best consecutive stretch of melodic rock cuts on any album in this genre this year. “Wake Me Up” is a potent social commentary leading right into the ripping title track for scorned lovers. “Ain’t Dead Yet” is a forceful affirmation and “Battlegrounds” has the best chorus on the album. The only song that comes close to ballad territory is the engaging “About To Break”, otherwise it is rock that will shake your house down.

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