Monday, October 8, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week: Shake City

By Stephen Kasenda

SHAKE CITY “Shake City” (2009)

Adam Shore was in Warrant before Jani Lane but as Warrant reached new heights, Lane was recruited to replace him. Shore eventually met guitarist Don E. Sachs to finally form Shake City in late 1986. Some songs were written and produced by Tommy Thayer of Black N' Blue and Erik Turner of Warrant, so don’t be surprised if you can find influences from those bands on this record. Touring from club to club, state to state, Shake City was building up a reputation but then fell off the radar in 1992 when the musical climate started to change.

After 17 years in silence, Eonian brings back the fond memories of this band’s wild and wicked days. The typical sound of early 90s glam is all over their songs, such as the great hard rock tunes "One Good Reason", "Betty Blue", and "Game of War" (which was written by Jani Lane), or the party anthems of "Submarine" and "Lust & Love". The interesting bluesy flair on "Get It While It's Hot" and the Enuff Z'Nuff vibe on "Psychedelic Ride" is also lovable. Two superb ballads here are "Sweet Dreams" and "Can't Get Over You" – the other three songs are decent fillers.

The production is average…it's acceptable considering most of the songs are from 20 years ago. But now at last we can listen to the powerful vocals of Adam Shore and the killer guitar lines of Sachs and Blair. If you like Poison, Sweet.F.A, Southgang, or Warrant, this is such a great and enjoyable album to have.

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