Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: Jet City Vega “Jet City Vega” [EP]

Modern rock

Jet City Vega is a new modern rock band based in Philly consisting of Manian Van Hacker (vocals), Brandon Reece (guitar), Tim White (bass), and Keith Collins (drums). They’ve recently released their first self-titled 3 song EP, which was recorded and produced by Grammy award winner, Obie O'Brien (Bon Jovi). While there are only three songs, the band clearly has focused more on quality than quantity. There isn’t a bad song here, each being more seductive than the one before. “This One Kid” creeps into your ears, where the chorus eventually latches on tight with its graceful hook. “Blood Like Sugar” has some more muscle to it, with crunchy guitars driving the verses in a way that reminds me of Stone Temple Pilots. The chorus is decorated with such ear-pleasing backing vocals, they make this track stand out as my favorite. Last but not least, “Only Human” begins with a bouncy pop riff that sounds a little AM radio, before exploding into a powerful anthem of a chorus.

Definitely worth checking these guys out – keep an eye on this band!

Jet City Vega – Official site.

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