Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review: Arrow Haze “Music Factory”


Arrow Haze is a Belgium-based rock band inspired by classic rock legends such as The Doors, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd. Founder Theo Green (vocals/drums) sums up the band’s mission: “I wanted to start a band that will reflect the sound and energy of the old hard rock bands and combine it with modern sounds”. Their debut album, out November 23, radiates with homages to yester-rock sounds played with a sense of urgency and reverence.

As such, there is more emphasis here on the instrumentation than melody in most of the songs. Extended instrumental sections allow each member to shine at one point or another, but collectively this band gels very well. There’s no question that each band member has more than his fair share of musical talent and dexterity (listen to the epic opener, “Casino”), but what I sense most fans of this site will appreciate is the attention to crafting a good hook. Buried amongst the more progressive elements, the chorus usually leaps out as a pleasant surprise. Highlights for me included “Dreams”, “Visions”, “Routine”, and “Along The Way”.

Finally, there is a special treat for Dream Theater fans - “Music Factory” features a guest appearance by keyboardist Derek Sherinian. Fans of classic rock won’t want to miss this one.

Arrow Haze – Official site.

Check out the video for “Crisis”:

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