Monday, November 26, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week: Scandal Circus

By Stephen Kasenda

SCANDAL CIRCUS “In the Name of Rock N Roll” (2012)

SCANDAL CIRCUS is another Swedish band that plays a brilliant combination of 80s hard rock and classic heavy metal. A typical formula that many European bands play, but this time they focus more on the straight-forward heavy riffs and rhythm rather than sleazy and naughty hooks or highly melodic arrangement. The title track, 'In The Name of Rock N Roll' is a colossal start, blitzed with meaty riffs and a sing-along chorus, it's no wonder this track became my favorite together with another similar track called 'The Race'.

'In Your Mind' and 'Big Bad Clown' are also magnificent. Up to the fifth track, 'Rock Spirit', it seemed like SCANDAL CIRCUS would keep unleashing their best till I stumbled on the acoustical ballad of 'Dreams', which I think is a bit too average. 'Leaving Town' is the weakest track though, but 'Losing All Control' which has that POISON's 'Talk Dirty To Me' feel is nice and easy, and luckily the last two tracks are also brilliant. 'Society of Evil' is dark, heavy, and loaded with some monstrous rhythm. 'Freakshow' also makes a very nice closer!

The production is great, especially for an indie release. The guitar parts are awesome, Pelle Eliasson should be proud of delivering such magical performances. Overall, a promising band, a good start, and if you dig Scandinavian hard rock, this won't disappoint at all!

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