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You Were Robbed – American Hi-Fi

"You Were Robbed" features artists and bands that should have gotten much more recognition and fame than they did. Check them out now...better late than never!

In 2001, the L.A. pop punk band American Hi-Fi splashed onto the scene with the hit “Flavor of the Week”. In many respects, the band unfortunately was a victim of that theme as they were rapidly crowded out by hundreds of similar bands capitalizing on this popular sound. “Hearts On Parade” was their third effort released in 2005. The band appeared poised for a major comeback – “Parade” took a markedly more mainstream approach and was produced by songwriting and recording guru Butch Walker (Marvelous 3). But this just didn’t happen – some long-time fans were not happy with the catchier tunes and the new label fumbled the release date stateside.

“Hearts On Parade” should be revisited by any fan of pop rock. There is no end to the string of ear candy on this record and it still sounds good after all these years. You can hear the switch to the pop end of the rock spectrum right at the get go in the chorus of the excellent lead off track, “Maybe Won’t Do”:

“The Geeks Get The Girls” was the official lead single that should have been a repeat performance of “Flavor of the Week”. Very Blink-182.

The band ventures into some sugary sweet harmonies with the near bubblegum feel of “We Can’t Be Friends” and explores some very tasty chord changes on the terrific “The Everlasting Fall”.

The record ends strong with the pleasant mid-tempo feel of “Where Do We Go Wrong” and an epic power ballad in the title track.

For just a penny, you can’t go wrong with this CD. What has become of the band? 2010 saw the release of a follow-up record called “Fight The Frequency” (reviewed here While it didn’t reignite the band’s career, we’re excited about recent news of a fall 2012 release (press release follows).

March 28, 2012 – Goomba Music is proud to announce the signing of American Hi-Fi. The original line-up--Stacy Jones (singer/guitarist), Drew Parsons (bass), Jamie Arentzen (guitars) and Brian Nolan (drums)¬is currently recording their as-yet-untitled new album in Los Angeles, CA with an expected worldwide release date this fall. It's being produced by the band and John Fields (Switchfoot, Jimmy Eat World) and recorded at Stacy Jones' studio, The Deathstar.

"It feels great to make music with these guys,” exclaims Stacy Jones. “11 years in, American Hi-Fi is a brotherhood. We made this record because we feel like the world needs a few more guitar bands. We are just doing our small part to keep Rock-N-Roll alive!"

For the past six years, members of American Hi-Fi have been working with Miley Cyrus. Singer Stacy Jones has been her music director and drummer, Jamie Arentzen has been her guitarist and Drew Parsons has played bass at a few concerts. Stacy and Jamie have been featured in everything Miley Cyrus since the beginning of her “Hannah Montana” days, including the 2009 movie and “Best Of Both Worlds” concert film/DVD.

Over the course of their 10-year career, American Hi-Fi has sold over 1 million albums thanks to hit singles such as the Top 10 smash “Flavor Of The Weak,” “Another Perfect Day” (which was used as Coca-Cola's theme for the 2002 Winter Olympics) and “The Art Of Losing,” and they've toured the world with artists such as Elvis Costello, Matchbox Twenty, Bon Jovi, Sum 41 and Fall Out Boy. Before teaming up as American Hi-Fi, the band members performed as part of various influential bands from the '90s Alternative Rock scene, including Veruca Salt and Letters to Cleo, and with Tanya Donelly, Tracy Bonham, Aimee Mann, and Juliana Hatfield individually. Their songs have been heard on TV shows and commercials such as Coors, Labatt Blue, Verizon, “Boston Public,” “24” and “Dawson's Creek,” video games including “Guitar Hero 3,” and in movies including “American Pie 2,” “Freaky Friday,” “Van Wilder” and “Superman Returns.” And Stacy has produced albums at The Deathstar for such artists as The Downtown Fiction, Ingrid Michaelson, Meg & Dia, The Cab, Plain White T's, Hey Monday and Academy Is… and many others.

Tour dates and other news from American Hi-Fi here.

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