Monday, April 23, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week

WILD FRONTIER “Stick Your Neck Out” (2003)
WILD FRONTIER is surely not a familiar name to many people outside melodic rock realm. Emerging from German where bands like SCORPIONS or ACCEPT are huge, this genre isn't a prospective career move, especially considering that 2003 was a pretty bad year for classic rock. But hats off to this band –they are carrying the torch of this music and 'Stick Your Neck Out' is really a very satisfying result.

'Wild Wind Blows' and 'Alive' open the album with a mid-tempo mood and both are wonderful attempts by the band. 'There For You' played and it really turned my head around. It's an acoustic-based, easy listening piece fit to be aired on an evening radio show…a very lovable tune. The singer's vocal is reminiscent of Joe Elliot, so it's a really friendly ride for fans of the 80s.

'Walkaway' is an astonishing ballad and so is 'I Can Hear You'. 'Through Your Eyes' might be the weakest ballad but that song itself is still quite okay too. 'Shake Your Body' is another winner with its groovy riffs; 'Life Has Just Begun' blew me away with its splendid chorus; 'We Will Be One' could be the heaviest - a big slab of great hard rock, but 'Hard To Control' conquers this album and rises as the best of the bunch.

Overall, a solid album. If you dig the melodic rock scene, this one is an awesome catch and deserves at least 80%!

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