Monday, April 9, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

MOTLEY CRUE “Girls Girls Girls” (1987)

"Girls, Girls, Girls" is considered a pivotal point in Crue's career. After the fans condemned them for releasing the disappointing "Theater of Pain", Crue had to hold on and write a better album - otherwise this might be the end of their career. At that time, Nikki and the gang were at the height of their drug addiction and party-hard lifestyle. White dope, Harley, and naked women are the themes while musically they stripped down the heavy metal outfit and played with 60-70s rock and roll with an occasional bluesy bite, but still retain Crue's signature glam arrangements.

"Wild Side" and "Girls, Girls, Girls" are two singles that saved Crue's ass and since then, those two songs are almost never left out from their concert set list. "You're All I Need" is a big ballad that enjoyed a an appearance on the Billboard Hot 100. It is highly underrated compared to "Home Sweet Home", but both can be considered their all-time greatest ballads ever made. Funny thing is that most people, including Jon Bon Jovi, thought that this was a typical love song, but Nikki’s genius twist is that this song is about a psycho boyfriend instead.

"Dancing On Glass" and "All In The Name of..." are two other relatively unknown tracks that also made this album worthy. "Bad Boy Boogie" has that Aerosmith 70s feel, "Five Years Dad" is also good but somehow too similar to "Girls, Girls, Girls". "Sumthin' For Nuthin'" is perhaps the only filler but not bad at all, and the Elvis cover of "Jailhouse Rock" is a fun live cover to emphasize the rock and roll theme of this album.

Crue's fourth album was a commercial success, racking up 4 platinums in USA alone, and was their best selling album until "Dr.Feelgood" came in 1989 to break the record. Excellent release and I rank this as the Crue's third most fave album after "Shout" and "Feelgood".

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