Monday, April 30, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week: Romeo's Daughter

By Stephen Kasenda

ROMEO'S DAUGHTER “Rapture” (2012)
After almost 20 years, ROMEO'S DAUGHTER returns to the scene, catching many fans off guard. Over the years, both of their previous albums have been praised as great underrated AOR records. 'Rapture' will surely please the longtime fans as the sound reference is totally like old times, with a slight updated sound to keep up with the era. But do the classic hooks and familiar voice of Leigh Matty make you turn your head and think 'is it 1988' again?

'Trippin' Out' may start with a patchy verse, but you know the chorus is right on track. 'Bittersweet' and 'Cannot Be The One' are instant faves. I spotted a bumpy road on 'Keep Walking', but the next tremendous slow ballad, 'Lightning' and the energetic track, 'Alive' are giving me a hint that this album will be a big success.

Turns out my intuition was right. 'Fly Away' is a huge contender to 'Lightning', 'Make My Dreams Come True' and 'Precious Thing' are two beautiful gems, 'Talking Love' is definitely the best track here, what a flawless tune! The last track, 'Will Be', is a splendid acoustical piece and the chorus is just mind-blowing.

The production is pretty good and I know some AOR fans might think this is too light. At some points, I swear I can sense the writing style of THE CORRS here, but if you ask me, this album has the quality needed to match the first two albums. Great job and very enjoyable album!

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