Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: Jeff Scott Soto “Damage Control”

AOR/Melodic rock
Rock veteran Jeff Scott Soto is back with this fifth official solo record, “Damage Control”. While no stranger to melodic rock circles, Soto has more than 60 album credits under his belt along with numerous collaborations and recordings across multiple musical genres. Solo started his 30 year rock tenure as the vocalist for guitar guru Yngwie Malmsteen, which led to his serving as frontman for a variety of rock bands including Talisman, Soul SirkUS, and even Journey for a time. In 1994 he released his first solo outing “Love Parade”, followed years later by the acclaimed “Prism” (2002) then “Lost In The Translation” (2005) and “Beautiful Mess” (2009).

A lot of “Damage Control” brings a bit of a grittier edge to Soto’s polished melodic rock voice. Sounding terrific as always, Soto rips right along into meaty songs like “Give A Little More”, “Krazy World”, “After World” and “Tears That I Cry”. The title track opens with a blistering riff before relaxing into an acoustic-based verse – a tasty dynamic that keeps this song engaging. “If I Never Let Her Go”, “How To Love Again”, and “Die A Little” are textbook examples of the perfect melodic rock song, catapulting us back to the 80s in style and substance. As for ballads, Soto pulls on the heartstrings like never before with “Bona Fide”.

There really isn’t a bad track in the bunch – gorgeous, catchy melodies that are brilliantly and passionately sung. There’s not much more you can ask for!

Jeff Scott Soto – Official site.

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