Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Joshua Ketchmark “The Bittersweet” [EP]

Modern rock
Joshua Ketchmark is a promising young modern rock and pop artist making his return with a new trifecta of three EPs. The first, due April 17, is called “The Bittersweet” and features four new songs that showcase Ketchmark’s eclectic musical influences. The EP was produced by long-time friend Denny Smith (fORMER/The Great Affairs) and Michael Saint-Leon (George Thorogood, Buddy Guy). The team is a sonic success whether producing emotive balladry or a crushing rocker.

"Covered in Roses" gets things off on a positive note, sounding like a song that would have fit comfortably on his winning debut record, “List of Regrets” (reviewed here). "All These Eyes" is the first single, which has some good lyrics and sounds radio-friendly enough, but gets a little cumbersome with its slow pace. "The Take" triumphantly storms back onto more solid, rocky ground, and is one of the most satisfyingly aggressive Ketchmark songs I’ve heard. On the closing piano-based ballad, "Cigarettes and Wine", Ketchmark is back with his heart on his sleeve, turning in a fantastically earnest vocal, one that has a high probability of inducing chills.

Joshua Ketchmark – Official site.

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