Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: Tyketto “Dig In Deep”

Viable candidates for my “You Were Robbed” column, Tyketto is one of those bands that should have been huge during the late 80s and early 90s. They had some minor hits back in the day, churning out some very tasty melodic rock. Now they are back after eighteen years with a brand new record called “Dig In Deep”. The boys were moved to record once again after recent appearances at Sweden Rock, Download, Firefest, Hard Rock Hell and Hard in Rio, which opened their eyes to the fact that their fans were still rocking and yearning for more Tyketto. All four original members are along for the ride (Danny Vaughn - Lead vocals, Brooke St. James - Lead guitar & backing vocals, Jimi Kennedy - Bass guitar & backing vocals, Michael Clayton – Drums), but did they dig deep enough to recapture the magic of their classic sound?

Three years in the making, “Dig In Deep” doesn’t inspire much confidence with the lackluster cover art, but the music inside is what really counts, and this is where Tyketto delivers. While I don’t think there is much here that is going to rival the masterpiece of their debut, “Don’t Come Easy”, several cuts are destined to please the fans and hopefully draw more to this extremely talented group of songwriters and performers. The band has always championed uplifting and inspirational material, and that “Don't let anything stand in the way of what you want in life” mentality persists throughout “Dig In Deep”.

There are a number of songs that fall together perfectly, such as “Here’s Hoping It Hurts”, “Evaporate”, and “Monday”. There are others like the title cut, “Love To Love”, and “The Fight Left In Me” that have a great chorus but the verses don’t do it justice. There’s also a surprise treat or two like “Faithless”, which mixes some of the heaviest, modern riffs the band has done with their trademark acoustic strumming. If you’re looking for that grandiose power ballad like “Standing Alone”, you’re not going to find it here…but there is a country-flavored ballad at the end called, “This Is How We Say Goodbye”. The pleasant acoustic-based track “Battle Lines” comes closer.

After years of doing solo projects and carving out their own niches, each member of the band deserves credit for working together well as a team to revitalize the Tyketto sound for the fans. I’m hoping they do it again soon!

Tyketto – Official site.

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