Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Dan Miraldi “Sugar and Adrenaline”

Rock/Power pop

If there was ever an album title more appropriate, I’m not aware of it. Ohio-based Dan Miraldi’s second full-length release is filled with energetically sweet melodies. “Sugar and Adenaline” follows his full-length debut, “Thirsty”, and a couple of EPs entitled, “Tease” (reviewed here) and “Rock N Roll Band” (reviewed here).

“Sugar and Adrenaline” was inspired by life’s journey and by the people Miraldi’s has encountered along the way. Miraldi describes his music as “a very eclectic brand of rock and roll”, citing influences from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to Ben Kweller and Jack White. You’ll hear him transition from 50s styled rock to modern rock throughout the new record, yet the magic is that Miraldi manages to somehow maintain his own identity.

Things start with the thumping “Few Rock Harder”, which is a punchy anthem with plenty of crunch and attitude – very Material Issue. But most important is the chorus hook that will have you humming for days. “The Runaround”, “Revenge”, and “Now Is The Right Time” are tasty numbers with smooth melodies and satisfying guitar riffs that sound very contemporary, but the surf organ in “I Fall In Love All Over Again” and the Monkees-like acoustic runs in “She Got Soul Part I” hark back to Miraldi’s love for vintage rock. And for you fans of the undead, there is a succulent morsel in “Vampire Girl” that is reminiscent of those haunting 50s tunes. Miraldi masterfully fuses the classic Bee Gees sound with Jack Johnson on the album’s contemplative closer, “The Many Shades of Blue”.

 “Sugar and Adrenaline” will be available July 17 – taste some of that sweet energy!

Dan Miraldi – Official site.

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