Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review: Dan Miraldi “Rock N Roll Band” [EP]

Dan Miraldi has been in Cleveland-based bands such as Cherry Flavored Elevator and Exit Suburbia prior to his stint in the DC band, The Silver Liners. His musical style was forged by listening to Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and modern day acts such as the Format, White Stripes, and Green Day. We covered his debut 2010 EP, “Tease” (see here), which has done as well as we predicted. “Tease” and “Lucinda” received radio airplay from Boston to Cleveland, and our favorite track, “The Holy Roller Stone Revival”, became a finalist for the best rock song in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition.

Teaming once again with award-winning producer Jim McKell, and his live band the Albino Winos, Miraldi is back with his follow up EP, “Rock N Roll Band”. The 5 song record kicks off with a smoldering rocker in “We Both Know” – it is crunchy but slow, and the song didn’t excite me. Much better is the Jagger styled swagger of “You’ve Got To Hurry” – a perfect radio-friendly anthem with a bluesy vibe and solid melody – easily my favorite on the EP. The 60s retro rock sound continues in the Orbison-flavored “Mystical Queen”. The title track is propelled by handclaps and a 50s backbeat, sounding like a lost feel good track from “That Thing You Do!”. The amusing charm of “Give & Take” rounds things out with lines like “you only use my heart for karate” to become a song that Dion and the Belmonts would have been proud to perform.

Miraldi further whets the appetite for a full-length release with his new EP. His lyrics are whimsical fun, much like the retro beats that infiltrate the song structure he favors. Imagine if Bob Dylan and Elvis started a band together, then you’d have a pretty good idea as to what Dan Miraldi is all about.

Dan Miraldi Official site.

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