Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review: Dan Miraldi "Tease" [EP]

You may recall the name Dan Miraldi as the man supplying keyboards and vocals to the DC band Silver Liners, which we reviewed back in June (review here). "Tease" is his latest solo effort - a high octane, three song EP that follows his 2009 debut, "Thirsty" (produced with award-winning Jim McKell). "Tease" was recorded with producer-engineer Kyle Downes.

Miraldi has also been in Cleveland-based bands such as Cherry Flavored Elevator and Exit Suburbia prior to his current stint in the Silver Liners. He cites his influences as "women and booze", but his musical style was forged by listening to Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and modern day acts such as the Format and Green Day. Consequently, he writes pop songs that have a garage rock vibe.

I hope "Tease" is a prelude to a full-length record because it surely whets the appetite. The three energetic songs play to his strengths and deliver a memorable hook while flaunting his fondness for alternative and indie rock. The title track and "The Holy Roller Stone Revival" are my favorites, but the laid back "Lucinda" provides a nice break between the two. I recommend Miraldi if you like Material Issue, Posies, and The Knack.

Dan Miraldi on MySpace. Official site. Get it.

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Dan will have a lot on his plate...but good luck to his new album!...