Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review: Wig Wam “Wall Street”

Melodic rock
Norwegian glam revival band, Wig Wam, is back with their fourth release, “Wall Street”. The boys in this band enjoyed their major breakthrough in 2005 when they presented their single "In My Dreams" to the Eurovision Song contest, beating all rivals and going straight to #1 on the national charts, where it stayed for over 21 weeks and went platinum. In 2006, Wig Wam recorded their follow up, “Wig Wamania”, and further cemented their reputation for big riffs and catchy hooks with the 2009 release of “Non Stop Rock N Roll” (reviewed here).

As you might surmise from the title, all the fun seems to have been sucked out of this party band. This time around, the band made a conscious effort to bring more depth to their lyrical themes. An admirable task, but it isn’t going to be compatible with what many of their fans expect – and might want. There is a greater sense of drama in the musical accompaniment to match the darker, more somber mood. Nothing wrong with a band evolving and experimenting, but I have to say it took me by surprise and I’m not sure it was a pleasant one.

The title track and “OMG! (Wish I Had A Gun)” almost seem too serious for their own good, and these are followed by a painfully boring ballad called “Victory Is Sweet” (but even more sleepy is “Tides Will Turn”). “The Bigger The Better” is more exemplary of what we’d expect from Wig Wam, but it feels strangely small in staying power. “Try My Body On” might have worked better on a previous record, but these lyrics just sound stupid sandwiched between the other songs. The only tracks that have a chance of being played again into my ears are the catchy “Wrong Can Feel So Right”, the funky rock fusion “One Million Enemies”, and the refreshing acoustic-based jam “Natural High”.

I really enjoyed the last Wig Wam record, but “Wall Street” is bankrupt – what a disappointment! A band should grow and explore more serious themes, but they don’t have to compromise memorable melodies to do so.

Wig Wam – Official site.

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