Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review: Wes Hollywood “Fantasy Arcade”

Power pop

Since 1999, Wes Hollywood has been honing his sound on the streets of Chicago, perfecting a mix of new wave and power pop that combines one part of the Kinks and two parts Cheap Trick. “Fantasy Arcade” is the culmination of lessons learned through the years, resulting in one of the most solid albums of his career.

In general, the music of Wes Hollywood is bouncy and upbeat, with melodies that feel inspired by Lennon and McCartney or Todd Rundgren. Highlights include “It’s Good To See You”, “Alfie”, “New Society”, and “City Streets”. While remarkably consistent, it could be argued that a few more dynamics would help prevent each song from sounding too similar to the last. Some additional harmonies would certainly take some of these songs to the next level.

“Fantasy Arcade” is a healthy dose of bright and cheery pop rock to start your summer off on the right foot – there is more than enough here to satisfy even the most discriminating power pop fan! And for your audiophiles, the record is available in both stereo and mono versions.

Wes Hollywood – Official site. 

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