Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: SIVA Addiction “Bad Decisions”

Modern rock
Led by the powerhouse vocals of Bridgette Oliver, Oklahoma-based SIVA Addition released their sophomore effort, “Bad Decisions”, back in February of this year. Propelled by the head-banging single, “One Night Rodeo”, the band is raising eyebrows as fans raise their fists in the air at their shows. “Bad Decisions” was produced by Hinder's Cody Hanson, so if you’re familiar with Hinder you have a good idea of what SIVA Addiction sounds like. In addition to Bridgette Oliver on lead vocals, SIVA Addiction features Andy Hopkins on lead guitar, Jesse Slone on bass, Vince Lindstrom on rhythm guitar, and Brandon Fields on drums.

The title track serves to introduce us to what SIVA Addiction is all about – thick riffs, anthem choruses, and engaging lyrics and vocals. In addition to the terrific “One Night Rodeo”, other rocking highlights include “Hit Me”, “Night To 5”, and “When It’s Over”. The band can do more than rock out - “Gone Away” is a restrained and pleasant mid-tempo tune and “Take Me Home” is a solid power ballad.

Fans of Halestorm, Paramore, and Shinedown will want to check this one out for sure – lots of good tunes to feast on to satisfy modern hard rock appetites. You can catch the band on tour with Saliva.

SIVA Addiction – Official site.

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