Monday, June 11, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

GOTTHARD “Human Zoo” (2003)

'Human Zoo' is a turning point for hard rock band GOTTHARD. Entering year 2000, the band seems to have convinced themselves to play a more European melodic rock style rather than the AC/DC driven no-frills hard rock. Both sides of GOTTHARD are interesting, as is trying to see them mix the two styles in the set list during their concerts.

This album is a slightly higher step than 'Homerun', and there are three insanely perfect songs here that give me chills when I hear them. 'Have A Little Faith' is a truly wonderful ballad with a beautiful violin that could make a perfect wedding song. 'Top of The World' is a roaring anthemic song and also an incredible gig opener. 'One In A Million' is a brilliant commercial track that I love a lot.

GOTTHARD also seems to focus more on the mid-tempo songs and ballads, even though some heavy rockin' songs like 'Human Zoo' and 'Where I Belong' add colors to the whole album. The mid-paced tunes such as 'Jamie's Not Alone', the acoustical ballad of 'First Time In A Long Time', and the closing song, 'What Can I Do' are other songs that I recommend. The production is also great and overall this one is a pleasant album and I'll gladly rate it a respectable 85%.

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