Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: Bonaventure “Come Hell or High Water” [EP]

Pop rock

Formed in 2010, Bonaventure is a Nashville-based pop rock duo that recently released their debut EP, “Come Hell or High Water” on May 15th. Following the success of their previous bands, vocalist Andrew Albert (previously of Holiday Parade) and guitarist Dan Smyers (previously of Transition) have teamed up to create an explosive act in Bonaventure. The band has a diverse sound reminiscent of influences such as Kings of Leon, The Fray, and Carolina Liar.

Bonaventure's debut EP is a perfect soundtrack to kick off the summer. Lead off track “Gaining Speed” feels like a #1 radio hit with an uncanny resemblance to Train. “I Dare You” is another slick piece of commercial pop rock with a sweet hook and sound that pays homage to their love of The Fray. The title track breaks things down with some refreshing acoustic guitars before the power chords chime in to accentuate the storytelling lyrics. “These Shoes” is included as a bonus track - a beautifully sparse but radiating song with a Wildflowers-era Tom Petty vibe (see video below).

Bonaventure brings soulful vocals, melodic hooks, and outstanding modern production to your ears. There’s not much more required to satisfy pop rock fans. You can purchase the EP on iTunes.

Bonaventure – Official site.

Watch the official music video for "These Shoes" on AltPress.com here.

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