Monday, June 18, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week: Alfonzetti

By Stephen Kasenda

ALFONZETTI “Here Comes The Night” (2011)

ALFONZETTI's 'Here Comes The Night' is his third solo offering, which came out pretty late in 2011. It steals the attention and I've seen some friends rate this pretty high, even up to their top 10 of that year. I do think this is a great album, but I'm not sure that it's really worth that extremely high rating because despite some killer tracks here such as 'Set Me Free', 'Heartbreaker', 'Don't Listen To Your Heart', and 'Lay Your Love On Me', there are few weaker moments such as 'Why Can't You Love Me', 'Losing You', or 'Rock N Roll Heart'.

This album was handled by only two guys. Matti himself played bass and guitar while singing the whole song and his other friend, Daniel Flores, plays drums and also keys. But to me, it doesn't sound like a one-time project and it still feels like a whole band playing a complete album. Alfonzetti still has that great vocal and I need to underline that the gems of this album are the ballads, so probably not really for those who prefer heavier music, even though you can still find some good uptempo tracks here as well. 'I Will Never Let You Fall' is also a great track.

My biggest complaint is that this album is just way too short. Clocking below 40 minutes, it reminds me of old SLAYER or TESTAMENT album, and I think providing a couple more songs would have been better. I give this a solid 80%, depends on the mood, probably swing as high as 85%. If you love melodic rock and AOR, I think Alfonzetti has done a pretty good job here.

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