Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sheri Miller “Winning Hand” [EP]

New Yorker Sheri Miller has music embedded in the very fabric of her DNA…her mother was an opera singer and classical pianist and her uncle a recording engineer. Despite her young age, she has already paid a lot of dues working as a solo artist in the Big Apple and constantly honing her craft by relentlessly writing song after song. She released a critically acclaimed album in 2008 called “Mantra”, giving her the buzz needed to recruit big players for the recording of her latest EP, “Winning Hand”.

Miller wowed producer Kevin Killen (whose credits include U2 and Peter Gabriel), and assembled other notable musicians to support her new album. Her hard work, coupled with her genuine gift for singing, makes “Winning Hand” a winner indeed. The new EP sparkles with bright and peppy tunes radiating with sunshine, containing lyrics so sweetly clichéd that they would even make Colbie Caillat puke. But truth is, the music is so catchy that you almost fail to notice – or no longer care – about the lyrical shortcomings. The ukulele-seasoned “Spoons” is the hit song Colbie Caillat has been struggling to write – a tune that stirs together shimmering acoustic guitars with an infectious melody. “Satellite” is another highlight with one of the most memorable choruses I’ve heard all summer – it will be in your head for days. “Everybody Feels This Way” follows a similar pattern, but Miller shows she isn’t one-dimensional with “Hungry For The Truth”. This closing track isn’t as catchy, but the haunting verses provide an interesting dynamic on the EP.

I love the organic feel that permeates Miller’s style of pop. Her honesty leaps off the record and the music goes down easy. “Winning Hand” is pure joy, and I hope that Miller has an ace up her sleeve to dazzle us once again. Recommended for fans of Sheryl Crow, Anna Nalick, and yes, Colbie Caillat.

Sheri Miller - Official site.

Here is Sheri Miller performing “Spoons” live:

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