Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: Vic Kingsley “Turn On The Dark” [EP]

Hot new stuff from Forward Motion Records, this time from singer/songwriter Vic Kingsley. Kingsley writes songs with a multitude of other musicians, but his solo career is rapidly developing. His three albums, “These Frequencies” (2007), “Healing Music” (2008) and “Fake Smiles” (2010), have received critical acclaim and led to several television appearances and concerts throughout North America, including SXSW '08 & '09. The song "Fall With You" off “These Frequencies” won OurStage.com's contest for best alternative pop song in 2008, and he’s had songs placed in Toyota Commercials, a feature film titled “The Lavender Tapes”, and the hit TV show “The Parenthood”.

Kingsley's upcoming EP, "Turn On The Dark", consists of five tracks built on strong melodic foundations with intelligent lyrics. You could say this is light rock but it has some meat and muscle – whatever you call it, it is a pleasure to hear. Musically and vocally, I can’t help but hearing a lot of The Outfield when I listen to Kingsley – and that is a good thing! These five tunes are perfect adult contemporary rockers, and Kingsley’s warm tone and sweet falsetto makes each listen all the more uplifting. He’ll grab you right at the get-go with title track, with its staccato retro organ and radio-friendly chorus. One of my favorite tracks is served up next, the upbeat and catchy “Lucky”. The remaining three songs slow the pace down and showcase Kingsley’s gift for balladry. Honestly, I like the first two upbeat tracks better, but “I Try” is one of the slower numbers worth checking out.

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