Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: fORMER “The Kids Deserve Cable”

You might be able to guess that this record has been in the planning stages for about 3 years now…otherwise the boys in the power pop and rock outfit fORMER might have entitled it “The Kids Deserve Netflix”. At any rate, I think many fans will agree that the ten songs on this new record were well worth the wait.

fORMER is headed by Denny Smith (vocals and guitars), and features Patrick Miller (guitars), Henry Go (bass and vocals), Billy Baker (drums, percussion, and vocals), and Lee Coram supplying additional keys, guitars, and vocals. Plenty of punchy, crunchy guitar bring these songs to life, and Smith’s vocals have a mild raspy quality that match the prototype for this genre. While virtually every track is a fun and engaging listen, one of my favorites is the built-for-radio mid-tempo rocker “How Does It Feel” – kind of a Cheap TrickTom Petty fusion. With its luscious harmonies, “Lie To Me” comes across just as strong – in a different decade, this could have easily been a top 10 hit. “Fix You” is propelled by an infectious guitar riff, building up to another rewarding chorus. “Come On” is another memorable highlight at the tail end of the record. If you want to hear a less commercial side of fORMER, check out tracks like “Blue Divide” or “Head Light”, which have a more contemporary Jimmy Eat World feel.

Check out fORMER if you like SafetySuit, The Gaslight Anthem, or Get Up Kids.

iPOD-worthy: 2, 3, 4, 6, 10

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