Monday, August 22, 2011

Classic melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

TESLA “Bust A Nut” (1994)

"Bust A Nut" was released in a weird year for hard rock. Many glam bands decided to split up or went into a completely different direction as grunge had taken over the world in 1993, but Tesla is one of the few that stayed true to their roots. Their faith, however, wasn't fully supported by their label as "Bust A Nut" was their last album with Geffen before the band split up to go their separate ways (Tesla reunited in 2000).

On this album, Tesla played their classic style, but the band smartly incorporated some thrashy elements and dark alternative moments. Among the fourteen tracks, I vote for these tracks as their best: "The Gate/Invited", a complex rocking tune with a catchy acoustical part and nicely done chorus; "Solution", with its head-banging chorus and thrashy riffs; "Need Your Lovin", a commercial power ballad that became their second single; "A Lot To Lose", another great ballad and the third single; and "Rubberband", a slow/fast typical Tesla track like their classic tracks "Getting’ Better" or "Heaven's Trail".

Some fillers such as "She Want She Want", "Earthmover", or "Mama's Fool" (ironically, their first single!) should have been removed, but this doesn't stop me from rating this album a solid 4/5 score. The production is also great. Tesla never disappoints me and this fourth album is another piece of evidence that Tesla still kicks it with lots and lots of high quality songs. An underrated album that should be at home in any hard rock fans' CD rack!

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