Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: Andrew Adkins “Troublesome, My Love”

Andrew Adkins is better known for being half of the songwriter/singer duo in psychedelic/roots-rock band, Mellow Down Easy. Their last album, "COSMISUTRA" has been praised by critics from Rolling Stone, No Depression, Outlaw Magazine, Vintage Guitar magazine and a host of other publications as "the most original style in the last decade" and a "breath of fresh air" for the band's unique sound and mixture of influences. His music has also been used on MTV, ABC, and USA networks.

Adkins will mark his solo debut with “Troublesome, My Love”. The songs gracing this album touch on troubled love, social empathy, and heartbreaking poetic prose to the quest for everlasting hope. Ringing harmonica and a roadhouse beat on “Punch Drunk Commotion” opens the door to this new album. Serving as a fine introduction to what Andrew Adkins is all about, “Punch Drunk Commotion” features socially critical lyrics over contemporary roots rock – a modern day Bob Dylan. “A Little Bit Of Mercy” showcases Adkins’ mild rasp over tremolo guitars, buffered with sweet harmonies – with its hopeful message, we have another winning track. His penchant for storytelling in his songwriting comes through on the driving romp that is “We Knew It All Along”. One of the more accessible folk numbers is the pleasant “Flesh Blood & Bone” – the perfect song for watching the sunset from your porch. Other standouts include the subtle beauty of the down on your luck song, “Sometimes Lady Luck Blues” and the country-flavored rocker, “Two Of A Reckless Kind”.

There is more than one album’s share of ballads on this record, so it can get a little sleepy at times, and I often thought the hooks could be sharper throughout. But overall this is intelligently crafted modern folk rock that plays great during those reflective times. I’d recommend checking out Andrew Adkins if you enjoy Big Head Todd, Todd Snider, Will Hoge, or Bob Dylan. “Troublesome, My Love” comes out September 6.

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