Monday, August 29, 2011

Classic melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

DOKKEN “Back For The Attack” (1987)

The release of "Back For The Attack" was preceded by the single "Dream Warriors", which was written for the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3". Dokken remixed the single and put it together with the rest of the twelve tracks and launched the album in late November, 1987. This is the last studio album they made before breaking up and Don went on to release his solo album, George formed Lynch Mob, and Jeff eventually played with MSG.

Most of the material here is softer than their previous albums with the exception of "Kiss of Death" and "Mr. Scary", two songs that are insanely heavy and have that trademark Lynch shredding. "Heaven Sent" has a gloomy intro and a good bridge but lacks a powerful chorus – it was one of their singles but it is inferior to other midtempo goodies such as "Night By Night", "So Many Tears", or "Stop Fighting Love". The other soundtrack single, "Dream Warriors", is utterly beautiful, comprised of a haunting intro, an exploding rhythm, emotional vocals and a superb chorus. Out of the 60 minutes of music here, several numbers fail to match the strength of the standouts, such as "Lost Behind The Wall", "Burning Like A Flame", or "Sleepless Night".

As it holds the record for being Dokken's highest charting release, "Back For The Attack" is accessible and could be a good entry point for new listeners as well as an admirable record for long-time fans with Don's prime vocal condition and George's unmerciful solos as the album's highlights. Though I don't consider this their masterpiece and my all time favorite, this is an essential album among Dokken's catalog.

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