Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You Were Robbed – Avion

"You Were Robbed" features artists and bands that should have gotten much more recognition and fame than they did. Check them out now...better late than never!

Once upon a time, there was a brilliant powerpop band named The Tories. After their breakup in 2002, ringleader Steve Bertrand formed a similar band with a slighter rock edge called Avion. Their only album (self-titled) is one of the most criminally ignored masterpieces of modern pop rock – it should have represented the sound of the new millennium.

Joined by his bandmates Josh Dunahoo (guitar), Joey Clement (bass), Ben Hazlett (guitar/keyboards), and Jamie Wollam (drums), Bertrand purposely set out to make every song on the Avion record radio friendly. Needless to say: mission accomplished. The record begins with a Tories holdover called “Would You Notice”, which is the perfect introduction to Bertrand’s songwriting skills and warm vocals. With an instantly memorable chorus, the song seemed destined to be a radio smash, but the band was robbed. I couldn’t find the Avion version, so here is the one by The Tories:

An Avion video I could find is to the majestic ballad, “Seven Days Without You”, another tune that should have been a radio staple in 2004.

Other highlights off this release that are ‘must-hears’ include the driving mid-tempo number “Beautiful”, “Perfect From Now On”, “The Best Is Yet To Come”, and the gorgeous piano-driven ballad, “Love Is Here Again”.

Steve Bertrand has gone forward to release a solo record in 2007 called “Pain Is A Megaphone”. It is a more subdued affair with an abundance of ballads, but fans will enjoy hearing his buoyant vocals once again. You can get all the Tories, Avion, and Bertrand records dirt cheap so there’s no excuse not to enhance your music collection today with all of these gems.

PS: If you dig this type of music, James Guffee is another ex-Tories band member who released an incredible solo record in 2005 called, “So Much for Secrets”.

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