Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: Jet Electro “Jet Electro”

I had a feeling I was going to enjoy this record as soon as I saw all the 70s memorabilia decorating the room featured in the digipak artwork. Even better, there were several references to Alfred E. Newman and MAD magazine, further suggesting I would appreciate the sense of humor of the lyricist.

That lyricist is Craig Daniel, the guitarist of Poplord, a notable powerpop band we’ve featured here several times before (see here). Jet Electro is Daniel’s alter ego, “the forever young musical super hero”. The self-titled debut record contains 11 songs, each with a different set of musicians. Despite the revolving door of musical personnel, Daniel’s songwriting and vocals still deliver a cohesive listen built around a theme of musical autobiography.

The life story begins appropriately with a tune about mom, “I’ll Never Find Another Girl Like You”. Radiating with an AM radio vibe, this song is one of my favorites – a classic powerpop treasure with wonderfully crafted melody lines. Horns, played by musicians found using craigslist, add flair to the Memphis soul inspired tune, “Buckle Up”. “For Sale By Owner” is another upbeat highlight, as is “This Baby Of Mine”, a Beach Boys flavored ode to a 1965 Cadillac Deville. There isn’t a love song to be found on the record, but Jet Electro offers an honest explanation in the beautifully fingerpicked piece “I Don’t Know How”. The record ends the story of this life with “Through”, an engaging romp with gorgeous retro chord changes and cool falsetto harmonies. Some of the tracks are a bit too offbeat for my tastes, such as “Walter Cronkite” and “100 Girls”, but overall this is an impressive and captivating debut sure to please powerpop lovers of all stripes - including fans of Poplord.

Jet Electro is recommended if you like Todd Rundgren, The Beatles, or The Raspberries. Pick it up now at CDbaby or iTUNES.

Jet Electro – Official site.

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