Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review: Eddie Grey “The Love Thief”

The debut release from singer/songwriter Eddie Grey, “The Love Thief” is a schizophrenic mix of styles and influences, incorporating elements of funk, soul, and even a touch of reggae. It makes for an inconsistent listen and leaves an impression that this artist hasn’t yet decided who he wants to be. Then again, some people are going to appreciate the variety and wild jumps from pop funk to straight up rock. Vocally, Grey deserves credit in being highly adaptable to all these different genres, sometimes reminding me of Freddy Curci (Sheriff, Alias). However, the lyrics leave quite a bit to be desired. One thing Grey has going for him is a budding instinct for good pop hooks, no matter what musical landscape he is exploring. If you want to hear the tunes with a solid rock edge, check out “Hideaway” or “One Week”. If you want that island experience try on “Just Say It” for size. For fans of adult contemporary ballads, check out “My Only Thoughts Of You”. My favorite track in the set is the catchy mid-tempo number “Guys and Girls”.

Eddie Grey – Official site.

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