Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: Danny Echo “Unplugged and Unglued” [EP]

You may recall that we raved about the debut record from Danny Echo back in 2009 (see here). Danny Echo, who counts the Rolling Stones, The Who, Beatles, Radiohead, and U2 as influences, is back with a new five song EP of stripped down songs (to be released January 24). Overall, these tunes hold up very well in the unplugged format, allowing Danny Echo to showcase his vocals and shine the spotlight on the quality of the songwriting. The subdued yet engaging “Help Yourself” leads the pack, setting the perfect stage for this collection. The contrast of some soaring electric guitar floating atop the acoustic base of “Barely Getting By” is sublime, and be sure not to miss the beautiful and contemplative closer, “Never Make It Home”. “Unplugged and Unglued” is a welcome treat for fans, but I imagine this one is not going to hold them over for long.

More about Danny Echo: here

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