Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: The Maine “Pioneer”

Here come the fireworks baby. Formed in Phoenix, Arizona, the Maine scored a major label debut in 2009 with “Black & White”. The band is back now with their third full-length studio album, and they decided to go back to the independent way of doing things. “Pioneer” was written and produced by the band and was released on their own label called Action Theory Records in December 2011. In the words of the band, "This record represents persistence, passion, and the failure to give in when all around have given up.”

“Pioneer” opens with the slow burning rock of “Identify”, which gently creeps into your senses with its haunting verses, then voraciously stamps its imprint onto your memory with its pounding chorus. Some fuzzy Hendrix guitars open up another gritty rocker in the grandiose cut, “My Heroine”. Venturing into more commercial territory, “Time” is a radio-friendly treat for the ears – my favorite in the bunch. Other highlights include the melancholy feel of “Some Days”, “Don’t Give Up On ‘Us’”, and the summery feel of “Like We Did (Windows Down)”. There is also a track called “Thinking Of You” that seems custom built for the pop rock fans, featuring a bouncy piano riff in-between the crunchy chorus.

Overall, these songs are sung with earnest and the lyrics are often above the cut. Dynamic guitar tones mix classic and contemporary sounds, making “Pioneer” a very engaging release.

The Maine - official site.

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