Friday, April 30, 2010

Review: Right The Stars “Right The Stars”

Right The Stars is the brainchild of singer, songwriter, producer Rich Jacques, who grew up in Wisconsin seeing California on TV wondering why he was living in freezing cold. Jacques was raised on 80s music (his first record was Flock of Seagulls) and he even covers the 1986 hit “Life In A Northern Town” by Dream Academy. But you won’t find much of an 80s vibe on the debut from Right The Stars.

What you will find is a collection of warm tunes that intelligently meditate on the relationships in our lives. Very much the singer/songwriter, Jacques plays his songs with passion, and his gentle vocals are a perfect accompaniment for this style of music. Upon hearing the new record Rich’s Mom said “Sounds good, very professional”. Well, she is right about that – the guitars are bright and crisp – but I think she didn’t quite do justice to the lyrical depth, intricate harmonies, and beauty that many will find in these songs.

“Right The Stars” is a mellow record…the songs rarely exceed a mid-tempo pace, yet they often retain an upbeat character and sunny disposition. It is ideal to listen to during those times of reflection or even for a pick me up. The aching but graceful opener, “Let Go Of Her Hand” sets the tone for what Right The Stars is all about. “We Got It All” is an appropriately upbeat number that sticks in your head in no time – a perfect tune to welcome the summer. “House By The Ocean” is another shimmering standout, its vivid imagery and earnest vocal making a lasting impression. The aforementioned cover of “Life In A Northern Town” is well done, the band succeeding in giving this wonderful tune a more contemporary feel. The breezy feel and catchy melody of “Time” makes it a highlight as well.

The self-titled debut from Right The Stars will be available June 15, 2010, but you may have already heard some of the tracks in movies (“Time” was in The Breakup) or on TV shows (One Tree Hill). Music from Right The Stars will also be featured in the upcoming movie Furry Vengeance, which stars Brooke Shields and Brendan Frasier. Right The Stars is as right as rain.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8

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