Friday, April 2, 2010

Review: Jeff Beck “Emotion And Commotion”

Guitar phenom Jeff Beck is back after a seven year absence with a new CD called “Emotion And Commotion” (coming out on Atco Records (Rhino Entertainment) on April 13). The first single, “I Put A Spell On You”, which features Joss Stone on vocals, can be heard right now at iTUNES. The Grammy-winning musician is legendary for his guitar work and has been amazing critics and fans since his early days in The Yardbirds. “Emotion And Commotion” delivers ten new tracks to feast on, from sweepingly dramatic numbers like the opening “Corpus Christi Carol” to his putting his stamp on old familiar tunes like the current single.

There is a little something for everyone on “Emotion And Commotion”, and no matter who you are or what sort of music you dig the most, there is no way Jeff Beck can leave you anything less than mesmerized by his guitar playing. Even for those who can’t really get into instrumental guitar rock, there are enough recognizable melodies scattered within these tracks to keep you engaged. Beck brings a new aching beauty to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and a seductive draw to “I Put A Spell On You”. For long time fans thirsting for something that rocks a bit more, you won’t want to miss Beck’s new original composition, “Hammerhead”. For those looking for a mellow groove, there’s “Serene”. And for those of you yearning for more classical pieces, there's "Nessun Dorma".

Joss Stone also contributes vocals to the slinky "There's No Other Me", while Imelda May lends her gracious pipes to "Lilac Wine" and Olivia Safe adds some haunting touches to "Elegy For Dunkirk" (from the film ‘Atonement’). Beck recorded with a 64-piece orchestra on several of these songs, making you feel like you are in the movies when you play the record – there is a strong theatrical presence on “Emotion And Commotion” that will leave you with goosebumps.

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