Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review: Moving Castles "EP One" [EP]

Moving Castles was formed in October 2009, and consists of members John Eric, Daniel Zane, Marshall Garrett Berry, Matt Letsinger and Eric Meeks. True to their influences, which include The Beach Boys to Morrissey, the guys are bent on crafting harmony-laden power pop tunes that you will want to crank up loud. Moving Castles state, "We are not trying to revolutionize anything. We just want to make music that makes us happy and we hope that you will find it intriguing and enjoyable."

Their latest, "EP One" is available now - it is brief: enough to give a taste of what these guys are capable of, but it will surely leave you wanting more. Opener "This Is The Life" is the perfect sunny day tune, radiating happiness with its feel good melody and bright instrumentation. Clearly the standout track here. "Wives (You're Near Me Always)" sounds like it might be a ballad, but no - this is another peppy rocker that kicks in right after some well orchestrated harmonies. The lyrics are sparse and too repetitive, which bring my enthusiasm for this track down quite a bit. "Theater, Girl", however, is a nice comeback and ends things on a high note.

Best of all, the boys in Moving Castle has made their 3-track "EP One" available for FREE at their website - click here.

Moving Castles on MySpace. Official site.

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