Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review: My Pet Dragon "Lover in Hiding" [maxi single]

My Pet Dragon stems from the meeting of New York singer/songwriter Todd Michaelsen and Indian dancer/actress Reena Shah. As the romantic feelings grew between Michaelson and Shah, so did their desire to form a band to record the musical aspirations in their head. The result was My Pet Dragon, whose debut album, "First Born", earned some attention from BBC radio and opened up some opportunities for collaborative songwriting with Karsh Kale and the chance to score an award-winning animated film called "Sita Sings The Blues".

The maxi-single for "Lover in Hiding" gives us a taste of what the upcoming full-length record will sound like, and fans of atmospheric pop with just the right amount of grit will want to take note. Michaelsen's vocals are a bit like Thom Yorke (Radiohead) at times and suit the musical style very well. "Lover in Hiding" is a sweet mid-tempo pop rocker that fills the senses and imprints on your brain in no time. A couple other tracks are present on the maxi-single, including "Between Us", which finds Michaelsen proclaiming, "There is something in-between us buzzin' 'round - there is something in-between us that science hasn't found". Of course science always wins in the end, but why not enjoy this kind of innocence while it lasts?

My Pet Dragon shows some real promise, especially if they continue to write songs as engaging and infectious as "Lover in Hiding". The duo plays an eclectic mix of styles and the end result is quite the ethereal experience. Check them out for FREE - we have been given permission to give you the "Lover in Hiding" mp3: click here.

My Pet Dragon on MySpace. Official site.

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