Friday, April 2, 2010

Rare CD: Blyss "Diff's Lucky Day" (Lifehouse)

Blyss is the forerunner of Lifehouse, a.k.a. Jason Wade & his band.

"1999 Pre Release (1996 lyrics) Special Collector's Edition

Diff's Lucky Day is an EP by Blyss, the forerunner of Lifehouse. Jason Wade and his band, with Ron Aniello as producer, released their debut album in 1999 under the band name Blyss entitled Diff's Lucky Day. Originally intended for sale at concerts, or for giving to friends or potential industry contacts. This is an extremely limited-release CD & very few hard copies exist!!

Track listing:
"Cling and Clatter" (Also appeared on "No Name Face")
"Unknown" (A bit different than the version on "No Name Face")
"Fool" (This song ended up as a Lifehouse B-Side. Catchy tune!)
"Crown of Scars" (Only found on Diff's Lucky Day)
"Mudpie" (Only found on Diff's Lucky Day)
"Trying" (Very similar to the version found on "No Name Face")
"Storm" (Also appeared on "Who We Are")
"Breathing" (A bit different than the version on "No Name Face")
"Somewhere In Between" (Very similar to the version that is on "No Name Face")
"Fairy Tales and Castles" (Later re-recorded and became a B-Side on "No Name Face")
"What's Wrong With That" (Another song that ended up as a B-Side on "No Name Face")
"Revolution Cry" (Good song that was only on Diff's Lucky Day)

Sold for $400 on ebay (37 bids)


Anonymous said...

Does this mean the two songs 'What's Wrong With That' and 'Fool', are also re-recorded versions on the 'Hanging By A Moment' CD Single?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Also available on NNF album UK version