Friday, January 29, 2010

Review: Rockburn [EP demo]

I don't get demo CDs from Scotland that often, but now I have a reason to get excited whenever I see them in the mail. These four Scottish lads comprising Rockburn jolted me right out of my seat with a classic sound and spirit that captures the best of 70s rock while still managing to have a modern edge. Only three tracks on the demo: "Night On Fire", "Wishing Well (Free)", and "The Last Stop" - each one is dynamic and bursting with catchy riffs and thumping bass. It was great to hear a band that remembers to crank up the low end (but don't interpret that as a license to crank it up any further, gents!).

"Night On Fire" kicks in with a thick, ear-shredding riff and will soon be the song you'll want to play while getting ready to hit the town. "Wishing Well (Free)" continues the feel-good party vibe with a driving, booming bass that reminds me of that distinctive early Survivor sound - you know, before Peterik went nuts with all the keyboards. Beginning with some great acoustic guitar, "The Last Stop" showcases their diverse musical palate and instincts to write a memorable melody.

Stephen Baxter's vocals may be the limiting factor in this band achieving wider appeal. Don't get me wrong - to me, they are well-suited for what Rockburn does, but for others his tone is going to be an acquired taste. I am very excited to hear more of what this band can do. If you like Jet, The Flamin' Groovies, or The Fags, check out Rockburn.

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