Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cover tune catastrophe: One

In this ongoing series, I will uncover some of the WORST cover tunes ever recorded. We’ve all encountered that unsettling feeling upon hearing a beloved song redone by another artist. What were they thinking? How dare they try to redo this song! While we are powerless to prevent these clowns from trashing the originals, we can call them out on it.

Filter – “One” (Harry Nilsson)

This song was originally written by Nilsson in 1968, but the best known version is the stupendous ‘one’ by Three Dog Night recorded ‘one’ year later. Three decades later the song had a sudden revival. This horrifying cover of “One” by the alternative rock band Filter appeared on the soundtrack to the “X-files” movie in 1998. Also in the 90s, Aimee Mann recorded it for a Nilsson tribute album (her version is much better, though!)

So what do you think is one of the worst cover tunes? Leave a comment and tell us - if it is bad enough, we might just write it up!

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